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$1.1 million generated in new business revenues before investing in staff and real estate

Client Industry:

European Web Content Provider

“The fact that Sales On Q had no technical expertise in our software, or experience selling into university administrations, was irrelevant. They are first and foremost astute sales people. The speed with which they picked up what we do and became productive is astonishing.”



Services Provided:

Lead Development

Opportunity Development

Sales Finalisation

Market Representation

Revenue Generation

Pipeline Management

Partner Development

Financial Services

Appointment Setting

Business Case:

While the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) tertiary education market is relatively small, it boasts some of the world’s most respected and progressive institutions. It therefore represented an excellent expansion opportunity for this northern hemisphere Web Content Provider (WCP) – but only if it could effectively contain its costs and minimise risks.

The CEO of the WCP said: “We built US business from our European base but with ANZ so far away and the impossible time zone difference, it was looking too hard.”

Adding to WPC’s potential exposure was that marketing new technologies into universities has a sales cycle of up to 18 months. It faces very long lead times in initiating interest, receiving RFPs, winning the deals and then getting budget approvals.

Partnering With Sales On Demand

Having met Sales On Q staff at an industry event in 2011, WCP began what has become a highly profitable, mutually beneficial partnership with its outsourced sales team.

“Sales on Q was to help us get a foothold prior to us establishing a permanent operation in ANZ. They have amazing sales, communications and people skills. Having quickly got their heads around what we do, they then confidently set about approaching our prospects,” the CEO said.

The potential for WCP’s technologies was proven in initial trans-Tasman market testing campaigns. Sales On Q then systematically worked through the lead development phase to the closing of WCP’s first deals. Sales On Demand has maintained a role as the local face of the company in the region, providing sales and client support roles from its Sydney and Auckland offices.

The CEO said: “Our market entry required skills beyond simple cold calling. Sales On Q has given us something different - the availability of the full sales process as a service, even to helping us manage when deals come through.”


The CEO explains the issues surrounding the recruitment of a permanent sales person in market: “No. 1 they’re expensive and 2. they probably wouldn’t cope with working in a very tough working environment, on their own, for 18 months. So, we’d end up losing them after 12 months and having to start again. With Sales On Q, we don’t have the overheads or risk of losing momentum.

“Timelines are so hard to manage. If we could just get customers to give the go ahead by the planned date, it would be easier to sleep at night. In the meantime, we aren’t paying unproductive sales staff.”

Having waited through lengthy customer deliberations and budgetary approval processes, the flood gates finally opened. Within a six month period, Sales On Q secured $1.1m in new business revenue from prestigious institutions including Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Macquarie University in Sydney and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

“Our success in Australia and New Zealand highlights the global appetite for our technology and expertise. We now have a strong technical project team on the ground who are working with our clients to ensure they have the best and most advanced communications tools at their fingertips. We’ll continue to invest heavily in product development to capitalise on all the opportunities Sales On Q brings to us.

“As we know who the target prospects are, it’s just a matter of working with Sales On Q to expand into that identified group of 55 tertiary institutions.

“Having started from scratch just three years ago, ANZ is now our second largest market. I believe this [sales as a service] is the only way to build a head of steam before you put people on salary.

With major clients up and running and more in the pipeline, our relationship with Sales On Q continues to work really well for us,” he said.

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