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Secured first major customer within six months and Sales On Q appointed trans-Tasman agent

Client Industry:

Customer Relations and Deep Insight Solutions

“Sales On Q has been very good to us and for us. I recommend them to any organisation looking to test the ANZ marketplace – don’t hesitate, just sign up with them.”



Services Provided:

Lead Development

Opportunity Development

Sales Finalisation

Market Representation

Revenue Generation

Pipeline Management

Partner Development

Financial Services

Appointment Setting

Business Case:

In 2005, a UK head-quartered Customer Relations and Deep Insight Solutions client was ready to take advantage of the strong Australian economy and explore the potential for its customer and employee relationship services portfolio in the trans-Tasman marketplace. The Chief Executive Officer of the company said:

“While we were keen to develop export opportunities, we would do so only if we could minimise our exposure to cost and risk.”

Partnering With Sales On Demand

Sales On Q designed a cost effective program of lead generation and pre-sales development to take the company's offering to market. This particular company's business is built on very straightforward phone and online service delivery, from the UK, leaving Sales On Q to undertake the direct customer relationship work on the ground in Australia and New Zealand.

The clear benefits of the Sales On Q model are the minimisation of subsidiary set up costs and associated risks: “We could have put in our own people but then we would have had to factor in recruitment time and expense, as well as the problems of selecting the right people in a marketplace we didn’t know well. Then there are the infrastructure issues of real estate and IT systems. These all add up to delaying sales momentum,” the CEO said.

Sales On Q became the ‘face’ of our company in Australia when we launched, simply and quickly, with the help of the Enterprise UK office in Sydney and half a dozen bottles of wine.”

As per the agreed sales generation target, Sales On Q closed the first deal for the company within six months: with an iconic Australian insurance group.


The Company continues to benefit from the broad-based sales expertise of the Sales On Q team and its detailed knowledge of the financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing enterprises that are the focus for the company's business development. The rapid success of the lead generation project quickly evolved into an agency arrangement, with Sales On Q providing the full executive of country manager, sales director and account roles while working on a commission basis to continue the company’s expansion into the local market.

“We’re going gang busters. I have full confidence in the capabilities and professionalism of the Sales On Q team in their dealings with the major corporates that are our customers. “I only need to come out twice a year and Sales On Q looks after not only all our sales development but the account management too,” the CEO said. “As an example, we recently completed assessments for four different divisions of a nationwide transport group in Australia and Sales On Q conducted the face to face delivery of our final reports.”

From the success of the Sales On Q model, the company has extended its reach into Europe having established similar agency set ups in the UK, Benelux and Poland.

“We came into the market because of the strength of the Australian economy in 2005. Sales On Q has become a well established part of our business. There’s still no need to put our own people on the ground as its solution works so well for us. If the market starts to go badly, we’re protected by the commission-only structure. “I have full confidence in Sales On Q. I believe any company, of any size, will feel comfortable in having Sales On Q represent them and delivering their goods,” the CEO said.

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