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Making cash flow – the passion of Sales On Demand and their Client

Client Industry:

Australian financial applications developer

“We love solving problems and reducing the complexity of the payments process for our customers – as Sales On Q loves solving the problem of generating sales leads for its customers. Both our organisations are about reducing risk and accelerating revenues.”


Managing Director

Services Provided:

Lead Development

Opportunity Development

Sales Finalisation

Market Representation

Revenue Generation

Pipeline Management

Partner Development

Financial Services

Appointment Setting

Business Case:

Sales On Q's client was a small Melbourne headquartered software company that had developed a ground breaking payment processing technology but it did not have the sales capacity to break into the national market.

There was also heightened pressure, as a venture capital funded start up, to generate broader revenue streams and secure a high profile reference site as the foundation for ongoing sales.

The Managing Director of the company said: “We needed to find ourselves some bandwidth to quickly get brand awareness in the market and let people know what we do. We had to get the sales process and revenue generation happening without having to hire extra sales people.”

Partnering With Sales On Demand

Sales On Q client targets finance departments with its payment processing software-as-a-service solution which simplifies and automates accounts receivable processes and reduces risk.

Their Managing Director said: “We spent the necessary time educating Sales On Q - on what we do, who we are and our Unique Selling Propositions – to give them sufficient information to convincingly sell our product.”

Sales On Q was commissioned to run a specific lead generation campaign targeting the 50-60 nationally operating gym chains. It canvassed the target group of franchises and identified three candidates that were contemplating a new payment gateway.

From that successful campaign, and having proven the market could generate a pipeline, Sales On Q was then contracted to continue the lead development phase and work with the company through the tender process with those candidates.

Sales On Q relies on its clients to provide the subject experts for pre-sales support, tender responses and demonstration back up for its direct sales activities. Critically, the client controlled the due diligence and determined how the project was to run.

It took a mere six months from the time Sales On Q identified the opportunity to completion of the successful tender.


Sales On Q had secured their client’s first national client – Australia’s largest national health and fitness franchise organisation.

Not only did Sales On Q’s efforts quickly start generating cash for this dynamic small business but the securing of such a high profile reference client was crucial to their client’s requirement to raise brand awareness.

Their Client recognised that the ongoing process of sales nurturing needed to be complemented with technical understanding in a team-based sales approach.

“Because we needed the two different skill sets of sales and sales support, from the foundation provided by the initial Sales On Q campaign, we moved to develop our own internal sales and external channel model,” The Managing Director said.

The company has continued to form different types of partnerships to provide the best access across the range of commercial enterprises both in Australia and overseas.

“At the time, we worked well together with Sales On Q and achieved what we set out to do which was to have them find the opportunities and engage those opportunities for us.

Sales On Q closed that first significant deal for us. And the fit was clearly right because that client is still with us, several years down the track “Both our organisations are passionate about helping customers secure their revenue and growth – we’re all about ‘making cash flow’,” The Managing Director said.

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